Dec 30, 2009

Why do we write this blog?


My sister Liz and I have truly been on a crusade since our early 20's to feel good, look good and be good. My has it been a struggle! Life always throws you all kinds of twists and turns. We have both suffered health problems and the emotional and physical toll these take on you. Along the way we think we have come up with some pretty cool stuff that could benefit others. Like great recipies, work out routines, natural cures, tips and tricks for just about everything.

We discussed what we wanted this blog to be about. We both agreed we should share what we have found to really work for us related to exercise, cooking, sharing... Uh, living! We both have 2 kids and stay at home. We understand how much pressure it is to be skinny and fit, have a clean house and be a super Mom! (which speaking for myself only, I am none of those things...)

This site is not about being perfectly healthy, beautiful or sane. It's about what works, when it works and how it works. Sometimes what works at one time in your life isn't going to work at another. What's important here is that we are all trying to be our best everyday. So, read, share and learn with us!


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