Dec 31, 2009

This Core Exercise Kicked My Butt!

Granted, I just had a baby not too long ago and my core is very weak right now, but I think this exercise would be good no matter how strong your core is. It's the Plank Jump. So you are basically in plank position like you are going to do a push up. Jump your legs inward toward your hands. Now stand up reach your arms in the air and then bend back over, put your hands back on the ground and jump your legs back out to the plank position. It worked those lower abdominal muscles for me, you know, the one's that nothing else seems to work! If you add a jump to it when you stand up you add some great cardio and leg work too.


I don't know why I cant embed the videos here but here is the link

About halfway through this vid Jillian is doing a plank jump! Good luck!

P.S. Here are some photos in order of how the exercise is done. Remember you are JUMPING your feet towards your hands and jumping them back out.


  1. Ummm....I don't get it. And the vid is not working?

  2. Okay Momnerd, I update with a link. Sorry the site is not letting me embed for some reason.