Jan 2, 2010

CHEAP Beauty Tip! Shrinking Pores!

How many of you ladies (or gentlemen) out there have noticed over time that your pores just aren't as tight as they use to be when you were say like, 15? Even 20? Especially around your nose, ON your nose and around your chin area? There are some products on the market that are meant to shrink your pores. I have seen cleansers, masks and foundations who advertise just that. I honestly haven't tried any of them because this tip works for me, and it works well. Again you will say, that can't work it is too simple but it does! Of course everything will work differently from person to person, but I generally believe this will work for most people, if not everyone to some degree. More or less depending on who you are. BUT, it is cheap and easy AND ALL NATURAL (which was the point of the sugar face wash as well). All you need is a cotton ball, a small bowl or container and lemon juice. That's all! Pure lemon juice. It can be the kind that comes in a large bottle or in the small lemon shaped squeeze bottle. The only stipulation is it needs to be COLD so keep it in your fridge. This really does work, I have been doing it for a long time. Here is what you need to do. Apply it to your face AFTER your shower or face washing and BEFORE you apply your moisturizer and makeup. It does tickle and sting a little but it really works. So, just soak a cotton ball in lemon juice (COLD LEMON JUICE, AS COLD AS YOU CAN GET IT WITHOUT IT BEING FROZEN) and liberally apply it to your WHOLE face and neck, especially anywhere you feel you have large pores. For me it is my nose, around my nose and under my lower lip. Let it dry. It actually will soften your skin quite a bit too. Sometimes enough I don't even need to use a moisturizer. If you do use a moisturizer, wait until it is completely dry (doesn't take long) and add a very light layer so you don't suffocate your skin. Then do your makeup routine the same as you always would. Good luck and give it a try! I have always had very good luck with this. It makes my pores shrink up and my makeup look much smoother and clean on my face. It will NOT bleach out your face or clear your freckles or anything like that. It is perfectly safe to use unless you are allergic to lemons! :)


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