Jan 18, 2010

Building a Strong Foundation for a Healthy Life.

Now, this pyramid (thanks HSPH) Is unlike any we have previously seen before.  Now the first problem with the original food pyramid is that it's well, wrong and incomplete information.  The next thing is that it's done by the government.  Now, what does the government know about our health.  NOTHING.  Even if the government hires the best nutritional experts in the world it will still do what is in it's best interest and that is not what is alway in your best interest.  For example, the government subsidizes the dairy and grain industry in the states.  So, naturally they are going to want you to eat a lot of dairy and grains.  

A problem with general health in this country is that we also have this crazed media that has to sensationalize everything.  Everyweek there is some new wonder food that will make you live longer and be skinnier and then the next month it will give you cancer!  Well enough already, I say enough!  

Let's look at food logically.  Got to eat to live, we are made up of the stuff we eat and if we eat a large variety of healthy, natural foods we will be getting a lot of benefits instead of eating a lot of one thing and getting only one benefit.  

This food pyramid shows more than just food, it also shows a lifestyle.  On the bottom, the foundation, it shows exercising, keeping a healthy weight (anything under overweight) and a balanced diet.  The next level puts vegetables and healthy fats (unsaturated) on the same level as grains.  Yes, we should be eating tons of fruits and vegetables.  No more 5 a day.  How about 5 vegetables and 5 fruits a day or more!  Then we have proteins and legumes, then a little dairy and an even smaller amount of white breads, sugars and saturated fats.  Also on the side are some red wine and vitamins.

This is a great way to build your Healthy Life Pyramid.  Build your foundation with the sound principles of balance and nutrition.              

If you get confused with all the hubbub out there about this diet and that, you can always come back to us here at Healthy Life Crusaders and we'll take you back to the basics, and help you rebuild your foundation!


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