Jan 4, 2010

Exercise Tv! Any Type of Workout, Anywhere!

I discovered this awesome website called Exercise TV.  It's my workout video dream come true.  Anyone can go there and watch some of their videos for free.  They have tons of mini workout videos or tutorials to show you certain moves.  You can also join for $10 a month and have unlimited access to hundreds of the full length workout videos.  Including 5 free downloads a month.  You can try it for 2 weeks free!  Theses are real workouts by professional trainers.  They are not cheap, recorded in some guys garage videos.  I tried out about 6 the morning after I discovered this site. They have hip hop dance, ballet, pilates, ball workouts, weight lifting, cardio, and tons more.  I don't get paid to tell you about this stuff you know!  I just like it!


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