Jan 2, 2010

Got Breast Milk???

I hope we are all aware of the benefits of nursing. Breast milk is one of the healthiest, natural foods there are. It helps your baby grow properly, helps their bowls function properly and prepares their stomachs for solids. I would suggest if at all possible, you nurse your babies! It is also the most amazing bond you will every discover between you and your infant. HOWEVER, breast milk is also good for other things too! Now before you make a sour face and scream out at your monitor, "GROSS!"...remember it is natural and normal. Only the American society has made such a big deal about something so natural and amazing being disgusting. I am not going to recommend a homemade ice cream recipe that replaces cows milk with your own or your cousins who happens to be nursing twins...so take a deep breath and have an open mind. Breast milk for all mammals is amazingly healthy. It is full of antibodies and other components that make it ideal for new and growing babies. Antibodies are amazing! They keep your baby from getting sicknesses that you yourself are already immune to to some degree among other beneficial properties. It also helps babies of all mammalian types to learn to digest solid foods, helping prepare the stomach for new foods. Formula babies tend to have more colic and food allergies for this reason. Now, here is where my tips come in. Maybe I am weird but I just thought of these things while I was nursing my first baby. I decided what the heck, I will try it and to my amazement I saw incredible results. First, one time when my little guy had super bad diaper rash, the kind that is very inflamed and even has little bloody spots...I decided to put some breast milk onto the diaper rash to see what would happen. Now, I don't need to go into detail on how I got the milk on the bum...I think if you nurse, have nursed or will nurse you can figure this part out...LOL. I let it dry a little then wrapped his bum back up in his diaper. To my surprise and amazement, when I went to change him next the rash was 90% GONE and I kid you not. And it was a bad rash, as I said he was even having blood spots and open sores and nothing I was doing was working. I was shocked but at the same time not so surprised that something so healthy and full of antibodies would be such a soothing and healing substance. I did this the rest of the time I nursed and it worked everytime. I think my sister may have tried it as well with great results but I don't remember. Now the second thing I learned...sort of came to my mind after I realized how well it worked on the diaper rash...was to apply it to bug bites and guess what, same results. I am quite sensetive to bug bites and have more than normal reactions and I found applying breast milk to them made the swelling and itching subside and almost immediately too. So anyhow, if you are into natural cures and approaches and have the resources (aka nursing LOL) you may find that this works for you and your baby.



  1. I also used breast milk for diaper rash and it worked for me as well. It is also better than most commercially sold nipple creams for those first few weeks of dryness and cracking. Just rub some around after every feeding. Hope we didn't alienate our male readers too much!

  2. I used it on my nipples too with the twins when they were sore and on diaper rash with them as well! I even used them on my sore chapped lips! ha ha, I didn't, but thought it sounded funny!