Jan 20, 2010

Hypotrichosis! Oh NO!

There is so much hype about that new medication to grow longer eyelashes called Latisse.  There is the commercial featuring Brooke Shields of course and then there are a bunch of bloggers online literally picking the add apart.  I am not one to recommend a prescription for anything especially for cosmetic reasons.  However, I happen to be related to an Optometrist and I picked his brain about the medication that he has been prescribing to his patients for glaucoma for 12 years.  My first major concern is that the commercial says that brown pigmentation has been reported.  I have blue eyes and have no intention of EVER having brown eyes.  He said he has never seen anyone's eyes change color. The patients with glaucoma medication put it directly in their eyes not just on the eye lid.  I would imagine not putting it in the eye would decrease this risk even more.  In one bloggers rant they mentioned that if you got it anywhere but your eyelids you would grow hair there... really?  I think if one drop of it, one time could cause you to grow any hair that it would be marketed for balding men.  Not to mention there would be a bunch of old people walking around with super hairy faces.  So, I don't know, maybe those bloggers get some promotions from mascara companies to bash Latisse.  I don't see any reason not to use it if you want to unless it bothers your skin.  Now, about the cost... My optometrist said that the glaucoma medication CAN be used the same way.  Just apply it with a make up brush.  It is much cheaper.  You just have to get an optometrist to give you a prescription for it.  Your insurance company probably wont pay for it though.  Obviously.  I personally am going to get it from an online pharmacy for $30, instead of the $70+.


UPDATE: I just found this website where you can get the generic for $12 (shipping is $20 to my location but even so, it's still cheaper)!  Also here is a website with extensive questions and answers about Latisse.

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  1. My dad has glaucoma and has a prescription for something like this. His eyelashes are beautiful, and he still has blue eyes! He puts the drops in his eyes twice a day, I believe!