Feb 26, 2010

De-cholrinate your water for healthy skin and body

Unfortunately, city water is recycled water... that means that last time you flushed the toilet it went to a plant where they let the junk settle, then they added some chlorine, maybe ran it under some UV lights and then sent it back your way.  The chlorine does not leave the water however.  As wonderful as it is to have water that won't give you dysentery, the fact is that chlorine dries out your skin.  It is also a carcinogen but that is a post for another day.  You can, however, buy shower filters to keep from bathing in pool water, and also sink filters to drink out of or just a cheap but effective pitcher filter.
I moved in to a new area and started suffering from severe dry skin.  The weather made no difference, the temperature of my shower made no difference and no matter how much I ex-foliated or used lotion it made no difference.  I decided, maybe this isn't such great water here or after 10 years of living in the city I am developing a sensitivity to the chlorine.  See, where I grew up, the water came straight down from the mountains and wasn't treated city water.  Sigh... Anyway, I got a shower filter and at first I was skeptical... I didn't notice any difference in my water or my skin for a while. After about a month I did notice that my dry skin was much and noticeably improved.  I also follow other regiments to prevent dry skin, like ex-foliating, not using harsh soaps and taking warm, not hot showers.
To find a great and affordable shower filter try home depot online.  I bought a Paragon filter.  It was cheap, under $20.  I got free shipping and it arrived quickly.  They don't last forever, but that model does last for up to 30,000 gallons, depending on how contaminated your water is.  I would highly recommend a shower filter for those of you worried about chlorine and those of you suffering from dry skin and even for those who just hate scrubbing the shower all the time ( because it does reduce the mineral build up!).

Shower Filter, White, w/ Replaceable Cartridge
Shower Filter, Chrome, Handheld w/ hose and mount, w/ replaceable Cartridge.


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