Mar 1, 2010

How and Why to Use a Neti Pot

If you are unfamiliar, a Neti Pot is for nasal irrigation.  Nasal meaning the sinuses and irrigation meaning running water.  A Neti Pot is used to cleanse the sinuses of irritants and excess mucus.  It can help relieve allergies and congestion and keep sensitive sinuses from developing infections.  They are a natural, safe and effective.  Saline solution is used in the Pot which is inserted in one sinus and drains from the other.  This is how you use a Neti Pot.

Have some tissues ready. Fill the Neti Pot with the recommended solution. I would highly recommend buying the mixes for the solution to make sure you always have the correct PH. If the PH is wrong it will burn, like when you get water from the pool in your nose.  Use luke warm, never hot water.
 Insert the tip into  your right sinus.  Just far enough that it seals around the opening so water does not run back out.

Tip your head to the left and lift the pot so it drains into the sinus.  This would be best done over a sink, or in the shower. Breathe through your mouth.

Allow about half of the pot contents to drain through your sinuses.  It should drain out of your left nostril.  If you are so congested that it does not come out you can try it then blow your nose, then try it again until the congestions clears.

After you have used half the water, blow both sides of your nose and repeat on the other side.  When finished you may find you will need to blow your nose again a few minutes later.

The warm saline water really helps to moisten and soothe sinuses, as well as help with congestion. Link to video and instructions.

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I started using a neti pot about 5 years ago. I was really transitioning over from modern health care to a more holistic approach. I had a REALLY bad sinus infection and was looking for something other than taking a strong antibiotic that would just cause problems of its own. I came upon the neti pot online and was completely grossed out! But it really made sense so I went to the nearest health store and bought one. Okay keep in mind I had a really bad sinus infection. I did the neti pot and let me tell you, it was gross and weird...and the stuff that came out! I thought blowing my nose was gross but using the neti pot made me realize what really gets left behind up in those sinuses that cause the real problem. I only did it the one time and by the next day...I was WELL. I felt so good and the infection was gone and did NOT come back. I have used it since every time I get an infection or feel one coming on and I have cured three or four since with OUT the use of antibiotics. In fact I have cleared everyone I have had since with my neti pot. It is weird and gross but it really works and is great for allergies too. I really recommend it.



  1. I'm going to have to try this with my husband. He is CONSTANTLY sniffing and clearing his throat. Even with allergy medicine. Maybe this will help?

  2. Yes, try it. It really works and is good for allergies too. You don't want to over do it but it may really help alleviate his symptoms and bring more comfort.


  3. One of the teachers at school told me about these, but I haven't picked one up yet. Now that I've read your post and have seen the picture of how it works, I will put this on my shopping list. I hate sinus infections! Thank you!
    ~Debi Ramsey Whiting

  4. Yeah! Go get one Debi! I recommend to all though to try it and use it when you are more practiced while in the shower. The steam seems to help with the process and it is nice to just be in the shower while doing something that gross LOL. And give it a does take a few times to get the hang of it. LOL.