May 20, 2010

Essential Oils: Prescription Strength Drugs From Nature

I have been using essential oils for quite some time now.  They are amazing gifts of nature.  Besides having therapeutic effects from their scents, called aroma therapy, they are quite powerful medical tools.  Most western medicine practicing doctors do not acknowledge or know the amazing benefits and properties E-oil's posses.  Throughout the rest of the world they are prescribed from the pharmacy!  They can be used to treat anything, the list is endless.  The hard part is finding the right therapy for you.  You may have to try multiples oils or oil blends until you find the one that works best for you.  As I post new topics here at HLC, I will include what essential oils will be a good option and how to use them.
E-oils can be expensive but even the most expensive E-oil is cheaper than prescription pills and creams.  A little does a lot when it comes to E-oils.
E-oils come from things that we already eat most of the time and can generally be regarded as safe.  There are some precautions with E-oils, just like there are with prescription and over the counter drugs.  They need to be used appropriately and in the right dosages.  The side effects however, are small comparatively.  People die from Prescription drugs all the time. More then the FDA wants you to know.  Death from E-oils is almost non existent.  You would have to seriously abuse them.  You can have horrible side effects or death from using prescription drugs exactly the way they are prescribed to you.
You should expect results from E-oils.  If you aren't getting results you are probably hitting the problem at the wrong angle and should try a different therapy.  With E-oils you can expect to need to apply or take doses more frequently then conventional medication and expect healing in unexpected ways.  Often E-oils heal from the inside out and help your body heal itself.  Most prescription drugs treat only symptoms and do not help your body heal itself or rid itself of the problem. So it may take longer for your eczema to clear up then with steroids, but when it does heal it is "cured" instead of just suppressed as with steroids.  Some times you can use an E-oil on a problem once an hour for several hours and that is all you need.
Essential oils need to be pure.  They shouldn't be grown with pesticides or have solvents added to make them stretch farther.  Make sure you find a company that believes in purity and has a lot of customers to attest to it.  For more information on my favorite essential oils go to .


  1. I'm just wondering how long you've been using Doterra oils and if you sell them. I just started the past two weeks and am loving them. Also if you had any other resourses I could check into for finding different uses for the oils.

  2. CaryAnn, in reply to your comment:
    I have not been selling doTERRA oils long at all barely a month, but I have been with the company Be Young (formerly Forever Young Oils) for a couple of years. When I discovered doTERRA I fell in love with the company. I like it's structure, support and better prices. For more information on how to use E-oils go to, there you can find past recordings of web conferences. There is also a google group where members and doTERRA medical panel discuss oils and how to use them. You can find it here.
    Also a great site where it has already cataloged all the information nicely is I will also continue to post different uses for many essential oils so keep in touch!