May 20, 2010

Have You Herb The Word?!

Herbs have been used for centuries for healing and cooking. I love cooking with herbs. It is no surprise that fresh herbs taste better and have a higher nutritional value but they also have a higher price tag. If you are like me you probably cook with dry herbs...I hope you at least cook with those. Here are some tips for those of you who haven't tried using dried herbs in your cooking or who already do. First, find an affordable brand you like that tastes good and gives you the most for your money. Second, don't use more than needed just out of habit. A little can go a long way. Third, always remember to keep them sealed tight so they don't loose their flavor and go stale. Fourth, if you are using a leafy-type, dried herb like parsley or chives etc, poor the amount you intend to use in your hand first, then use your fingers to squeeze and squish it. No need to pulverize it however. Doing this will allow the natural oils to come back to the surface giving your food great flavor and aroma. Hope you enjoy these tips! Cheers!


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