Jun 7, 2010

The Great Fluoride Debate!

Why is Fluoride added to our water supply?
Fluoride helps remineralize the enamel of our teeth.  Taking it internally, such as in our water supply helps small children to grow strong permanent teeth... Maybe...  The government says yes, drink it and have strong teeth and less tooth decay.  But there is an organization called the Fluoride Action Network that believes that fluoridated water is not responsible for the decrease in tooth decay.  Indeed, it actually causes much more harm then good.  They have a list of 50 reasons why we should avoid fluoridated water.  The CDC could only give one reason for adding fluoride.  Here is a summary of the 50 reasons.  You can find the full list here.

  •  The largest survey ever conducted in the US  with over 39,000 children from 84 communities, by the National Institute of Dental Research showed little difference in tooth decay among children in fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities they found an average difference of  less than one tooth surface.  
  • In communities where fluoridation has been discontinued tooth decay has decreased. 
  • Higher levels of tooth decay seem to be more prevalent in areas of poverty rather than areas of fluoridation.
  • The CDC admits that the benefits from fluoride are mainly topical not from ingesting it.  
  • Fluoride accumulates in your body each day because only 50% is removed by our kidneys.  The rest is stored in the body. 
  • Fluoride is shown to be mutagenic and interferes with DNA repair.
  • The fluoride added to the water today is not pharmaceutical grade but rather waste product from the production of chemical fertilizers. They are not decontaminated and contain high levels of arsenic. 

The government and it's affiliates will say that animals studies are not the same as human studies.  True that we have different DNA (barely), but a creature is a creature.  We are made of the same compounds as animals and we are susceptible to the same chemicals as animals.  Proven on paper or not!  Humans are complex and resilient and can survive under great toxicity.  This doesn't mean we should subject ourselves to meaningless chemicals.  Our bodies are the only thing in this world that truly belongs to us!

To avoid fluoride, drink purified or filtered water.  Simply drinking bottled water is not enough and those bottles are destroying our oceans.  (Also see my article about BPA from plastic)  You can also use a shower filter and use all natural toothpastes.  If you are worried about your kids teeth, make sure your kids are eating lots of vegetables and very little sugar and refined carbohydrates.  It is better to add fluoride directly on the teeth through toothpaste.  There is no need to subject the rest of your tissues and organs to fluoride.      


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  1. Hahaha. James and I just had a huge debate about this about a month ago. He has been giving Greyson these dumb fluoride tablets forever now and I hate them. We actually fight about them. Well I had had enough and threw them all out. James was super mad. We got on the net together and did a bunch of research and he decided he was against fluoride too. You can buy a product called Calc Fluor. It is NATURAL fluoride and really good for you in many ways. Take that if you think you need fluoride. This type didn't come from a smoke stack at a factory... We threw out our fluoride toothpaste and got a reverse osmosis filter for our water too. The story behind fluoride is very interesting. You should look into it online.