Jan 25, 2011

I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts!

It has been a very long while since I posted last.  I have had a few subjects I have wanted to post on...but little time.  So, with that said, I figure I better just sit and write a little.  So, raise your hand if you like coconut?  I do, in some forms.  Mostly with chocolate and nuts.  Hehe.  I also have come to really love coconut oil.  If you haven't heard much about it let me give you some info on it here and now.  :)  First of all, coconut oil has been used for a VERY long time on many islands.  There was a study done on it quite awhile back, to decide on its health benefits and risks.  To make a long story short it was found to be very unhealthy and it was suggested not to use for cooking.  BUT, that trial was based on hydrogenated coconut oil and ALL hydrogenated oils are very unhealthy.  Many today believe that unrefined, organic coconut oil is very healthy.  I personally choose to eat it in small amounts as I believe all things in moderation are beneficial.  But here is where my true love of this great oil comes into play.  It has so many more uses than just a cooking oil.  For instance, it is an amazing toilet cleaner.  Just kidding.  It may be, I have never tried it but it really is incredible for a lot of various things.  Coconut oil is believed to have anti-fungal and an anti-bacterial properties.  Now, I don't know if it truly is BUT I make a diaper cream out of it for my baby and it works SO well.  I take some coconut oil, about a tablespoon full and I mix in about 4-5 drops of lavender oil.  My baby tends to get really bad sores on his bottom from certain foods he eats.  I try to avoid those foods but sometimes I am unaware of a food that may cause this since he is still so young and trying new foods all of the time.  Sometimes he just gets bouts of stomach upset and after what seems like 30 dirty diapers in one day, he develops a very sore bum!  When he starts this cycle, I put on some of my homemade cream and it works SO well and incredibly fast.  Much better than anything else I have ever used AND it brings him instant and I mean instant relief.  The other thing I love it for, and some of you may think it strange, is homemade deodorant.  Now before you pooh pooh it...let me explain.  I try to always be on the look out for natural remedies or the such since you never know when you might have to rely on them.  So I figure I might as well know as much now so if that time comes, I will have an arsenal of things I know work that I can get my hands on or make myself.  PLUS I like to be as natural as possible for health reasons.  Now this is strictly for odor protection, it is not a antiperspirant which I do not believe in anyhow but it REALLY works.  It consists of coconut oil, corn starch, lemon juice, mineral salt and lavender oil.  You make it into a paste, pack it into an empty deodorant container and wha la.  Homemade deodorant.  Here is the best part, you use it daily, it takes hardly ANY, you barely even roll a layer on and it keeps you odor free.  It contains no harsh chemicals or dyes or scents and it helps with razor rash as well.  I love it.  The next thing I love it for is to rehydrate my hair.  I take the oil (coconut oil is a solid, not a liquid, it is close to the the consistency of Crisco but once you touch it it turns to liquid very fast from your body heat) and I rub globs of it into my hair from root to tip.  I make sure all of my hair is well coated.  Then I tie my hair up and leave it in for 3-6 hours.  Then I wash it out.  Takes two shampoos.   It makes your hair SO soft and water resistant.  If you use it every week you will notice your hair is super soft, dries VERY quickly and lays smooth.  The fact that your hair absorbs the oil making it difficult for it to absorb a lot of water when you shower is a good thing.  Water is what dries our hair out on top of perms and colorings and styling.  I did it every week for a month and my hair got to the point where it dripped no water after a shower, blow dried in about 1/3 of the time it usually did and if felt like rabbit fur, it was SO soft.  I haven't been as diligent with it as of late but I really need to get back to doing it weekly.  The next thing I love using it for is just a general skin lotion.  It works super well on feet, hands and if you are a nursing mom...well, you know where.  I would avoid putting it on your face as it would most likely clog your pores.  So, try it out!  You can get it online, in a lot of stores and of course most health food stores.  Remember, you want unprocessed, extra virgin coconut oil.  Cheers!


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