Feb 19, 2011


The short answer to the question of HCG is no. Absolutely not.  The long answer is as follows.
HCG is a hormone treatment combined with a restrictive 500 calorie diet.  You can take pills or injections and the end result is that you loose weight. Are you kidding me?  You will lose weight on a 500 calorie diet no matter what! Dr. Weil reports on his website that there were studies done on a test group.  They were both given the HCG diet and half of the test subjects were given a placebo instead of the HCG.  Guess what?  They both lost weight... The same percentage of weight.  What is frightening to me about this diet is:

1.  A 500 calorie a day diet will destroy your metabolism.  I have a wonderful doctor named Dr. Rodier.  He practices in Draper, Utah.  He believes in treating the causes of illness and disease, which is mainly poor diet and bad lifestyle.  He takes many patients that are a lost cause for other doctors who can't do anything else but write prescriptions.  He told me that he has taken many patients to help them with the side effects of the HGC diet.  When your body is deprived of calories it will start to use the reserves of fat, but it will also start to deplete muscle mass and halt immune functions.  It will lower the metabolism greatly because it goes in to famine mode combined with the muscle loss.  Once you are in famine mode it is very difficult not to gain weight with normal eating because your body wants to store every spare calorie it can just in case there is another famine.  This is why restrictive calorie diets lead to "yo-yo" and roller coaster weight loss.

2. So called competent physicians are handing it out like candy.  Medical doctors and Chiropractors are offering this diet miracle to patients.  I know some doctors are really dense when it comes to nutrition but come on.  If your chiropractor or doctor is offering this treatment I would suggest asking for a refund for all of your past treatments and then run for the hills.
3. It's only treating a symptom of weight, not a cause.  For most people eating unhealthy is the root cause of the weight problems.  Over eating is just a symptom of underlying problems, such as sugar addiction, emotional problems or just plain laziness.  If you treat the cause of weight loss, which is almost always lifestyle, you will eliminate the weight problem.  Assuming of course this person doesn't have an endocrine disorder or some other disease.  Most people don't put on the extra weight overnight and it is ridiculous to assume or try to force the weight off overnight.  Change your life and it will change your size.  It will probably eliminate a bunch of other problems too, like high blood pressure, diabetes, depression...


Dr. Weil's report: http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/QAA400413/Pregnancy-Hormone-for-Weight-Loss.html


  1. I suggest you try it yourself before you post about its ineffectiveness. Tens of thousands of successful Hcg dieters prove you wrong.

    1. I am not saying that you will not loose weight doing the HGC diet. I am saying that it is not healthy and is a detriment to your health. I do stand by the statements made by Dr. Weil and the study he presents, that the supplement HCG does not increase the effectiveness of the HCG diet. I can only assume by the ignorance of your comment that you did not read my post in it's entirety.

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  3. Well I can only say that it has worked for me. I have a medical issue that makes loosing weight without starvation impossible. Believe me I have tried it all outside of haveing my internal organs rearraged. The Diet Dr. Simeons way works and of course if you starve yourself you loose weight which I have done without HCG and gained it back, his prtocol is so much more than that, which requires some reading. With HCG I have been able to stay withim 2 lbs of my last hcg day only straying out of the range once and that was by 1 pound and last one day. Lifestyle changes are required but sometimes even that requires some other help such as the HCG. Its no miracle the diet is work and it takes a set mind to go through with it. I have struggled with weight all my life and am tired of those who want to make it seem like all you have to do is change what you eat and quantities and exercise OMG. I am and have been active all my life and have a brother who has never been active I have a weight problem he does not, we grew up eating the same quantities. What HCG has done for me is great and I will tell anyone who struggles with their weight to try it.

  4. To the above poster,
    Dr. Simeons diet is exactly the type of HCG diet you should avoid. It is no different at all. You eat 500 calories a day. There HAVE been studies that with a 500 calorie diet, dieters lose the same percentage of weight with or without the HCG injections. So the truth is this, 500 calories a day will make you loose weight. HCG injections do not work, it is the diet that is working. BUT You are stressing out your body and putting yourself in a state of starvation by eating so few calories. You will LOWER your metabolism each time you starve yourself like that. I am NOT saying that it doesn't work! I AM STATING THAT IT IS DANGEROUS AND HAS REAL AND LASTING NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS. I promise you that the above poster WILL continue to have weight problems. I too have a thyroid disorder. I gain weight easily and it is impossible to lose weight with just regular diet and exercise. I would not DARE try the hcg diet because my metabolism is low enough already and I don't want to create a situation where starvation mode will lower it more. I have been continuing to eat healthy, exercise more, and make sure my thyroid medication is at an appropriate dose for me. Recently I've discovered weight lifting works for me. It ups my metabolism. Slowly but surely I have been replacing fat with muscle. Health should be the focus, not a number on a scale.