Oct 19, 2011

Baby Soft Hair

I rarely do beauty posts, because... well, I've had 2 kids and stay at home and frequently feel less than beautiful.  So, I've been going to the gym a lot and a good friend taught me how to make eyeliner work for me, so I thought I would try out a  Beauty post today.
Coconut oil is amazing.  You should be eating it, using it somewhere on your skin and now you should be using it in your hair.   (I also have a great recipe for facial cleansing wipes and baby wipes with CO to share later.)  It's so simple to refresh and soften your hair.  It takes a couple extra shampoo's, but that is all.
Step one.  Coat most of your hair, but not your scalp in extra virgin coconut oil.
See?  Super coconut oily!

This is a sufficient amount of coconut oil.  It will look oily, but doesn't need to be dripping with it.  I used about 2 tbl, and I have quite thick hair. 

Now let it sit for at least 5 minutes and then hop in the shower.  You will probably need to shampoo it at least 3 times or more, if you use a natural, gentle cleanser like I do.  
If you don't get it out of every square inch of hair, you will end up with this after you dry it. 

Still oily.  Not super great for styling. 
Here's how your hair should look after washing it enough times. 

..............Oh sorry, I got distracted because I was petting my super soft hair................... 
It is super soft and dries very quickly after a Coconut oil treatment.  It seems to really help the hair retain enough moisture to repel water.  After it's dry you can get to styling just like normal, except that your hair now feels more fabulous than should be legal! 

Look at how happy I am with my fabulous hair!

If this doesn't work for you, then here are a few of my suggestions.  You are using a shampoo that is way too harsh and is stripping your hair so much that not even coconut oil can save it. Switch to a more gentle, natural shampoo.  If you are one of those people that has to wash their hair everyday or else your hair gets super greasy then you are definitively using a much too harsh shampoo. It is stripping your hair of it's natural oils so severely that your body produces extra oils to compensate.  Switch to washing your hair at most every other day and switch to a more natural shampoo and conditioner.  I don't know what kind because I don't use shampoo.  I use an all natural bar of glycerin soap and no conditioner.   I don't need it!  

If you can't get all the oil out no matter what you try, then you probably really suck at washing your hair, or you need to use hotter water to assist the soap in removing it from your hair. 

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