Nov 7, 2014

Shameless plug!!! Low sugar chocolate!

Hey, one advantage of a blog with traffic is I can shamelessly plug my new etsy shop. I am a true chocoholic, and I think everyone should eat chocolate all the time but that sugar! Makes me sick if I eat as much as I'd like. I've been perfecting my low sugar hot cocoa recipe with minimal sugar replacement taste. First I use real cocoa, and real milk, not some whey and oil monstrosity.  Then I add stevia and just a touch of sugar to balance the sweetness out. Only one gram of sugar is added per serving! It is so delicious and comes in 4 flavors. Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate, double Dutch chocolate and White chocolate.
Toffee Flavor Spoon
I also have a little creation known as hot chocolate on a stick. It also is low sugar and made with stevia. When mixed into hot whole milk, it is a divine experience. It is made with real chocolate not cocoa powder. It melts it's goodness into your choice of milk and will make you feel like you are royalty.
Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Double Dutch Hot Cocoa
I also make regular sugar sweetened cocoas for those who want them.  They are still relatively healthy because I only use natural, fine ingredients. Finally, I also make corn syrup free marshmallows! They are fluffy and delicious. Try it all!
Flavor Spoons

Milk Hot Cocoa with Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows


White Hot Cocoa

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