Foot Zone Therapy

Balance and Healing Begins with your Sole
Foot Zone Therapy is essentially a comprehensive type of reflexology.  Forms of Foot Zone Therapy date back 5,000 years and was used in ancient China, India and Egypt.  Egyptian hieroglyphs and paintings show the use of this method.  Recently Foot Zoning has been revived and brought to the US from Norway; it is an effective, holistic form of healing therapy.  Each session will reboot your body and so it may begin healing itself and restoring your body to it's full genetic potential.

Foot Zone Therapy is based on the study of how signals flow through the body from the brain to the feet.  Every organ and cell has a representative point on the feet.  When pressure is applied, the brain sends a signal to the corresponding part of the body to facilitate healing and restore balance.  Foot Zone Therapy is appropriate for all ages and members of the family.

What to expect from a session:
Most people experience a greater sense of balance, restored energy and deeper sleep.   Generally it takes 4-6 sessions to experience noticeable results.  The first consultation session is free so that you may experience and ask questions about the zone and how it can help you.  Even skeptics are amazed by the accuracy that a Foot Zone Therapist can detect problem areas in the body.  If an area is detected that means it has also been treated at the same time and healing has already begun.

I have seen people get relief from severe pain, heart burn, seizures, hormone imbalances, headaches, thyroid problems and much more.

Please feel free to email or call me with any questions and to set up a time for a consultation, which only takes about 20 minutes.

See my most recent post on Foot Zone Therapy for an in depth look at how it works and more.

Each function, organ and cell is reflected in zones on the feet.


Free Consultation
$150 for 5 appointments, enough to see results.

You can pay for your Zones with a credit card below.