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Milk secreted for a few days after parturition and characterized by high protein and antibody content.

Transfer Factor: A substance that is produced and secreted by a lymphocyte functioning in cell-mediated immunity and that upon incorporation into a lymphocyte which has not been sensitized confers on it the same immunological specificity as the sensitized cell.

In this case the "substance" being transferred is the "antibody content".

I have suffered health problems since I was very young. About 13 years old. Some of them are personal. As of a few years back, if doctors had their way, I would be medicated now for anxiety, insomnia, infertility, panic attacks, fibromyalgia and poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. I decided I didn't want to be reliant on a bunch of medications that had serious side affects and that I wanted to heal my body from the inside out through natural means. Might sound "hippy-ish" but it has worked for me. I started this "journey" about 5 years ago and as of today do not take a single medication for any of the above problems (though I am not 100% symptom free) and have two children without any fertility intervention. With that said, I have become addicted to health research in the pursuit of a new idea or fact that may in someway bring me or a loved one greater health. When I find a subject that interests me I literally read up on it until I am blue in the face, usually over a course of days to weeks. NO breaks! Just kidding. Some breaks. This includes reading about it from EVERY angle. Those who are for and those who oppose, coming to my own conclusion based on my findings. If I find I am for, I TRY what I have researched so I can come to a true conclusion based on personal experience. With that said, sit back and enjoy this post. I have done all the leg work for you on this one. Then, in the end, if you find this interests you I suggest you research it for yourself and then for heaven's sake! TRY IT! LOL. No, I am not getting paid for this by any one company and I am not crazy. If you know me at all, trust me on this and if you don't know me at all...still trust me on this.

A few months back I stumbled across an article about the "transfer factor". In short it spoke about how new research has shed light on a long running mystery, how the immunity of a mammal mother was transferred to its young through colostrum. Colostrum is a yellowy, milk that a female mammal secretes the first few days after birth. It is full of antibodies and protein rich! It literally transfers the immunity of the mother that took a lifetime to build to the new offspring, who at present has no real immunity of its own. The newest findings are no less than very interesting. The actual "transfer" is done through very small protein particles that bypass the digestive system and are absorbed into the blood stream of the offspring. Even more interesting was found that supplementing adults with bovine colostrum not only transfers perfectly from cow to human but that it gives to us that same immunity transfer...per say. What it actually seems to do is almost provide you with a secondary immune system, making yours more than its own strength maybe by double if not more.

What I read also spoke about how many people have benefited from this supplement. I was more than intrigued. So began the hours of reading. For weeks on this one. LOL. I wanted to know how humans could take bovine colostrum and it be useful? What happens if you have milk allergies? What is the best brand? Is it free of hormones and steroids and antibiotics? How much should you take? What do most people find relief from? Do you take it forever? Once? Twice? How are the cattle kept and cared for?

I found answers to all of these questions and more. Sometimes they were contradictory and sometimes they were in agreement from site to site. I read through hundreds of forums to get the input from others who have actually tried the supplement.

Through all my research I learned the following facts:

Bovine colostrum is transferable to any species. You can give it to your dog, horse, self, child or whoever.

Most people have had very good to amazing results taking colostrum.

The number one reason colostrum is taken by people is to boost their immune system.

Colostrum has actually been taken by body builders for its great protein content for years. And yes, they did reap the other benefits such as better immunity while taking it for muscle power.

Colostrum that is collected from cattle in your home country will probably have better immunity to things you are most likely to be in contact with so look for USA colostrum if you live in the USA etc.

Calves are fed the first milking which has more than enough of what they need to be on the road to great health from mothers immunity so don't worry for the calves!

Most colostrum on the market is hormone, steroid and antibiotic free. In fact I don't remember looking into any brands that weren't.

There is such a huge margin of opinion on the topic of "organic" from farm to farm that I felt "organic" colostrum wasn't necessary for my needs. It is harder to find and more expensive.

Colostrum isn't cheap. I wouldn't say it is a terribly expensive supplement either.

There are many brands and types from capsules to powder to chewables.

You want to be sure to buy a brand that says it is made from the first one to two milkings. Anything after is transitional milk and won't have the same benefits.

If your colostrum is not yellow, it isn't good. If it is white that means it is more milk than colostrum.

Some brands have the fat removed, others do not. They both claim to have the "best" I am personally trying multiple brands and types to see.

The lactose from the colostrum is removed so there are no allergy concerns.

You can not really overdose on colostrum.

You may experience a few days of feeling flu-ish when you begin taking colostrum. You may even develop a rash. This is just the bodies reaction to excreting toxins when your immunity is strengthened.

Here are a few things I learned AFTER taking colostrum:

Colostrum should be taken on an empty stomach with a glass of water for best absorption. Wait about a half hour before you eat.

Colostrum tastes like powdered milk. I do not find it gross in any way.

Colostrum works best when taken multiple times a day.

Colostrum WORKS!

Here is my personal experience:

I started with a brand that had all the things I was looking for. De-fatted, no steroids/chemicals/hormones/antibiotics, no fillers added, first milking, USA cattle. I began with four pills in the morning. The first few days I did feel a little under the weather. Mostly my throat ached. Then I would say about a week into taking it I suddenly noticed I had SO much more energy than I usually do. I have chronic fatigue quite often and so something like that would be very noticeable to me...and it was. I felt like I could go and go and go and that little ordinary things weren't so daunting exercising and getting the house in order. I feel like it brought strength to my body as well as my mind. At this time I have been suffering from very bad allergies. I was really hoping the colostrum would help as so many others I had read about said it did. The first week or so I always felt some allergies there. Not enough to merit medications but still annoying. Especially at night. Then I ran out. I had a full day without colostrum. And that day I had the WORST allergies. I was SO miserable. So my thoughts were...coincidence? Or was it holding my allergies off more than I realized? Well, the next day when I got my new bottle and started taking them again...that very day...allergies were SO much better. Not coincidence. About this time I learned that you really should take it more than once a day. It does build up your system over time but it also has a lifespan so you will want to replenish it in your system through out the day for best results. So I decided to take two pills in the morning and two in the late afternoon to see what happened. WHA-LA! NO allergies...during the day. But some mild ones at night. I had read not to take colostrum past 5pm because the energy factor in it might give you insomnia...but I decided to try anyhow. So I took two pills in the morning, two in the mid afternoon and a 1/2 tsp of powder around 5pm and DOUBLE WHA-LA! No allergies during the day or night!...Okay...very mild ones...almost undetectable. So I had read to take colostrum in the amount it takes to rid your symptoms. So I decided to try THREE pills in the morning, two in the afternoon and a 1/2 tsp in the evening. AND YES, TRIPLE WHA-LA! NO...NO ALLERGIES DAY OR NIGHT. I am literally amazed. I am even around my horses everyday. Around their hay (my biggest allergy nemesis) and loads of dry dust and not a sneeze or sniff.

I have been taking colostrum about 5-6 weeks now. Between the energy boost, eradicated allergies AND I have not gotten two separate illnesses that my kids and husband have...I am sold. I have tried two brands myself and have a sister trying a third for results. I have tried two de-fatted brands that I felt had the same results and my sister is trying a brand with the fat left in (which many claim is the best). Maybe she will leave a response of her experience thus far.

I seriously recommend to EVERYONE to try this. Just try one months worth. Whether you have arthritis, chronic sinus issues, allergies, fatigue, poor immunity, chronic pain or ANYTHING...try it. As we age our immune systems do too and slow down as well. You may not even realize how much better you might feel unless you give it a go! I will attach links to sites with further information and the brands I felt were superior.

I will continue to use it myself to see what results I continue to see as it builds my system back up. That is all for now! Cheers!


(For more, do a general web search on "colostrum".)


(For more, do a general web search on "colostrum supplements".)




    Liz here is a link to where you can get 240 capsules of the symbiotics brand for $19.87.
    Thanks for the article.

  2. Would you recommend using just powder, just pills or the combo like you did? What brand would you recommend works best? I am a 25 yr old male so obviously different things will work for us. I just do not want to spend lots of money on different things. I found a lab that had extensive research, however they only sell 100kg for around $3k. I don't need that much, just a month supply at a time.

    1. Most important factor is to use colostrum from regionally local cows for optimal effect, this will make the brands available to you vary.

  3. Hi, thanks for your great review.

    I have one question for you.

    You´ve talked about anxiety and panic attacks. Did you still have them before you´ve started to take Colostrum? If yes, did it help?

    I´m suffering with Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia and i´ve tried a lot of natural supplements but wasn´t really impressed a lot with none.. And i´m like you, i spent hours, days, weeks, surfing and reading about it (thats how i find this page).

    I have read a few comments about how Colostrum could help with this but thats it.. only a few comments, nothing more.

    1. I just started the colostrum to help heal my leaky gut, which was caused by candida, that I am still working on healing.
      About a year ago, I was having terrible anxiety and panic attacks and I was not able to sleep.
      I went to a traditional doctor who wanted to put me on anxiety meds... I knew that meds were not the answer. I started seeing a doctor who specializes in NRT. Amazing. I had candida and heavy metals in my system. Metals are gone, still working on candida and now working on healing my leaky gut.
      I have small bouts of anxiety, but nothing like before. I am praying that the colostrum I'm now taking, immune tree powder, will help in this process.
      I feel like I could eat the whole container.. Not sure if that's because my body needs it or because my diet is so restricted and I am just excited to have a new taste, regardless I am so far enjoying it. I pray you will find healing.

  4. have you ever tried PerCoBa colostrum

  5. Thank you for your article. your passion for sharing your experience is helpful. I was wondering if you or anyone knows how long I can keep taking colostrum for? I have just started and I FEEL GREAT.. IBS, joint pains.. foggeness in the head.. All gone in a couple of days.. But I was told that I should only take it for a couple of weeks at a time.. I Don't want to stop.. I feel great.. any logical answer will help.. if taking it for a couple of weeks at at time over a longer period works that is fine.. if my body gets used to it taking it for a long duration and then I the effectiveness wears off.. I am going to eat the entire cow.. not literally.. just needed some insight..

  6. I take Diatomaceous Earth for a parasitic cleanse. Do you think that along with this would be ok or too much detox?

  7. I have been taking colostrum for over 5 years for a bladder issue (interstitial cystitis) works like magic. Amazing. My brand is Jarrow organic. Buy it on amazon.