Jan 25, 2011

It's Snot Going To Keep Me Down!

-Refer to blog article How and Why to use a Neti Pot under Health articles-

No, a neti pot is not some strange illegal drug or ritual teapot...it is used to irrigate the nasal passages.  It sounds drastic but is quite fantastic!  Sounds sick but it does the trick!  Okay, enough of the corny rhymes...  But it really does work!  I have been using a neti pot for the past 5-6 years.  I originally started using it when I had a sinus infection and wanted to try and rid it without the use of antibiotics.  I had a full blown sinus infection and guess what, it worked.  I have used it 3 or 4 times since for the same reason with the same results.  I have also used it during times of heavy allergies or exposure to chemical pollutants like paint etc with great results.  Recently I came down with a very nasty flu.  Just as I started to feel better, I started to feel really cruddy again.  I developed a secondary infection in my sinuses.  It was a doozie too.  A NASTY one.  I did my neti pot 3 or 4 different times over a 5 or 6 day period with no results.  It got to the point where the infection was making me useless.  I was just about to throw in the towel and go see a doctor and beg for some antibiotics when my hubby who works in a pharamcy said, "I can't remember what it is...some lady comes in and she was telling me about something she put in her neti pot for her sinus infections because she gets them chronically and it helps her clear them right up!...Oh yeah, it was apple cider vinegar!"  ACV?  I can do that, I have a long standing relationship with ACV and I love the stuff.  But wait...pour vinegar in one nostril and through my BRAIN, okay my sinuses, and out the other nostril!!??  That sounds painful!  So I did some digging online to see if anyone else had done such a thing.  I found a lot of people who had!  I came across a recipe for 8 ounces of water, 1/2 tsp of salt and 1 tsp of ACV.  I decided to give it a go.  After all...if you have ever had a sinus infection you will know...I figured it couldn't be worse than the aching molars, pounding sinus pressure, popping eyeballs and carnival ride-spinning head!  What would a little burning be to that!?  So, I gave it a go.  It wasn't bad at all, in fact I didn't feel much.  I will be honest, using a neti pot is SICK!  So sick that you would never admit to using it if say, you were running for Miss America or trying to win on Americas Next Top Model or competing on the Bachelor (not that I qualify in any of those areas)...you would get kicked out, let go, butt fired...whatever if anyone knew you did such a barbaric, disgusting thing.  But hey, it works so who gives a flying cruddy right?...  Right??  When you use a neti pot you look something like a mix of Disney's Quasimodo with Disney's Mrs. Potts shoved up your nose!  You breath through your mouth and sound surprisingly much like Darth Vadar while nasty boogers and snot flood out your nose into your sink or tub.  It is SICK!  But when you are done you feel like a million bucks and it is so good to flush that stuff out of your system.  Back to the story...after ONE flush with ACV I felt much better.  I did it daily for three days and it completely cleared my really, really bad sinus infection.  Remember I had been using my pot already but it wasn't cutting it and was ready for antibiotics.  So, file away one more bit of knowledge...ACV added to neti pot gets rid of sinus infection...check!  If you have issues with sinusitis and infections, I suggest you try this.  Pay no heed to all I have said about how you look, feel, sound and what you see while using your neti pot because the results are worth it!  ;)  Cheers!


I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts!

It has been a very long while since I posted last.  I have had a few subjects I have wanted to post on...but little time.  So, with that said, I figure I better just sit and write a little.  So, raise your hand if you like coconut?  I do, in some forms.  Mostly with chocolate and nuts.  Hehe.  I also have come to really love coconut oil.  If you haven't heard much about it let me give you some info on it here and now.  :)  First of all, coconut oil has been used for a VERY long time on many islands.  There was a study done on it quite awhile back, to decide on its health benefits and risks.  To make a long story short it was found to be very unhealthy and it was suggested not to use for cooking.  BUT, that trial was based on hydrogenated coconut oil and ALL hydrogenated oils are very unhealthy.  Many today believe that unrefined, organic coconut oil is very healthy.  I personally choose to eat it in small amounts as I believe all things in moderation are beneficial.  But here is where my true love of this great oil comes into play.  It has so many more uses than just a cooking oil.  For instance, it is an amazing toilet cleaner.  Just kidding.  It may be, I have never tried it but it really is incredible for a lot of various things.  Coconut oil is believed to have anti-fungal and an anti-bacterial properties.  Now, I don't know if it truly is BUT I make a diaper cream out of it for my baby and it works SO well.  I take some coconut oil, about a tablespoon full and I mix in about 4-5 drops of lavender oil.  My baby tends to get really bad sores on his bottom from certain foods he eats.  I try to avoid those foods but sometimes I am unaware of a food that may cause this since he is still so young and trying new foods all of the time.  Sometimes he just gets bouts of stomach upset and after what seems like 30 dirty diapers in one day, he develops a very sore bum!  When he starts this cycle, I put on some of my homemade cream and it works SO well and incredibly fast.  Much better than anything else I have ever used AND it brings him instant and I mean instant relief.  The other thing I love it for, and some of you may think it strange, is homemade deodorant.  Now before you pooh pooh it...let me explain.  I try to always be on the look out for natural remedies or the such since you never know when you might have to rely on them.  So I figure I might as well know as much now so if that time comes, I will have an arsenal of things I know work that I can get my hands on or make myself.  PLUS I like to be as natural as possible for health reasons.  Now this is strictly for odor protection, it is not a antiperspirant which I do not believe in anyhow but it REALLY works.  It consists of coconut oil, corn starch, lemon juice, mineral salt and lavender oil.  You make it into a paste, pack it into an empty deodorant container and wha la.  Homemade deodorant.  Here is the best part, you use it daily, it takes hardly ANY, you barely even roll a layer on and it keeps you odor free.  It contains no harsh chemicals or dyes or scents and it helps with razor rash as well.  I love it.  The next thing I love it for is to rehydrate my hair.  I take the oil (coconut oil is a solid, not a liquid, it is close to the the consistency of Crisco but once you touch it it turns to liquid very fast from your body heat) and I rub globs of it into my hair from root to tip.  I make sure all of my hair is well coated.  Then I tie my hair up and leave it in for 3-6 hours.  Then I wash it out.  Takes two shampoos.   It makes your hair SO soft and water resistant.  If you use it every week you will notice your hair is super soft, dries VERY quickly and lays smooth.  The fact that your hair absorbs the oil making it difficult for it to absorb a lot of water when you shower is a good thing.  Water is what dries our hair out on top of perms and colorings and styling.  I did it every week for a month and my hair got to the point where it dripped no water after a shower, blow dried in about 1/3 of the time it usually did and if felt like rabbit fur, it was SO soft.  I haven't been as diligent with it as of late but I really need to get back to doing it weekly.  The next thing I love using it for is just a general skin lotion.  It works super well on feet, hands and if you are a nursing mom...well, you know where.  I would avoid putting it on your face as it would most likely clog your pores.  So, try it out!  You can get it online, in a lot of stores and of course most health food stores.  Remember, you want unprocessed, extra virgin coconut oil.  Cheers!


Jan 24, 2011

Comprehensive Foot Zone Reflexology

I get so many questions about Foot Zone Therapy and there is so little information about it on the web or anywhere else, I thought I would post as much information about it as I can, based on the common questions I get.  First of all, foot zone therapy is not for the feet. It is for the whole body and performed on the feet.  The premise of Foot Zone Therapy is that all of the nerve endings in the body are mapped out on the feet.  This means that the nerves of the heart, lungs, pancreas, shoulder, spine, and everything else, have a corresponding representation on the feet.  This is the basis of Reflexology.

How it Works

Try it for yourself:  Find the corresponding point
 on your foot to an area where you have a known condition.
Using your pointer fingers large knuckle, or your thumb, apply
pressure to that zone on the foot.  You will likely experience
more than average pain there, feel the crackling, or feel a cystic
nodule in that area.  
When you apply pressure to that corresponding area, it sends signals to the brain releasing endorphins, relaxing the nervous system and re-establishing connections from the brain to that area in the body.  This process encourages healing and balances the body's systems.  The result is anything from pain relief to hormone balancing.  Your body will choose which systems are most imperative to improve.  You may not notice any noticeable results if your body is working on repairing and area like your kidneys or liver, since you will likely not feel any different.  However, people with back pain, knee pain and other noticeable pain will likely notice a change within 5-6 weeks of 1-2 Zones a week.
Many Foot Zone Therapist can feel the disruption in certain zones.  Disruptions are usually a lack of energy flow, a crackling spot or a cystic type nodule in the foot.  For example, while examining my sisters foot I noticed a disruption in her bronchial.  I asked her if she had been sick or had an irritation there.  She adamantly said no and thought I was fishing for results.  Several days later she sent me a message stating that she was so sick with a horrible chest cough.  Your body starts fighting off infection long before you start to feel it.  This disruption in her immune system showed up on her feet.  It is a strange and miraculous phenomenon.  We had no way of knowing that she would end up with a cough. Her body could have just as easily fought off the infection before it became a full blown illness and we would have never known why her bronchial was showing a disruption.  Foot Zone Therapy is not a way to diagnose conditions but a way to balance the body's nervous system so that proper energy and information can be received via the brain.  When this energy and information is able to flow freely, the body can heal with a higher potential. Even alleviating problems that you have had no success with using traditional western medicine.

Foot Zone therapy also releases pent up emotions that may be holding you back from healing.  It is common knowledge with massage therapists who do body work that you can retain memory of a traumatic event in a muscle or even an organ.  The Zone helps remove negative energy within a muscle and organ to facilitate healing.

Therapies to Consider in Conjunction
I recommend that at all times, and especially while being treated by a foot zone therapist, that you take a high quality multi vitamin supplement.  Even if you eat the best, organic foods available today, they are still deficient in vitamins and minerals because our soils are so depleted. Plant fertilizers are enough to make a healthy, large, green plant but not enough to enrich the vegetable in nutrients for you.  At a cellular level, your body needs nutrients to heal and repair.  When taking a high quality supplement on a consistent basis you will find that you have more energy and crave less junk food.  In addition your body will be able to complete repairs it has been putting off because of lack of nourishment.

What to Expect During and After the Zone
During a Foot Zone the therapist will systematically massage every single inch of your foot. That will cover every system and function in your body.  Many people feel sleepy and relaxed from the endorphin release during the zone.  Some people experience discomfort, particularly in a zone that correlates to an area of the body that is compromised.  After the zone, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water to facilitate detoxifying.  Once the nervous system is balanced the body will automatically start to detoxify areas of the body, including organs, there will be toxins from the feet released as well.  It is important to keep the kidneys and liver well hydrated so that they may do their job.  Some people will experience fever type aches and pains after a zone because of this toxin release.  Usually, a lot of water and an ibuprofen will take care of it.  Some people will experience better sleep after, some people worse.  It all depends solely on what your body is working on healing at the moment.    The worse off your health is to start with, the longer it will take to have results from Foot Zone Therapy, as with any treatment.

When to Seek Out a Foot Zone Treatment
The different conditions that it would be appropriate to seek a foot zone therapist for are: unrelieved pain from surgery or injury;  hormonal imbalances, insomnia, emotional stress, general stress, chronic fatigue, depression, fibromayalgia, headaches and more.  Conditions that a foot zone therapist cannot help you with are: current infectious illnesses, open wounds, broken bones that are not set and fevers.

Cost of a Zone
Most Foot Zone Therapists charge between $35 and $65 per session.  A session usually takes between 45 minutes to an hour.  Most Therapists like to sell packages because results typically take 5-6 weeks.  You will not be able to gauge the effectiveness of a zone for you after just one session.

How to Find a Zone Therapist
It can be difficult to find a Foot Zone therapist, since there are only over 600 in the western half of the USA and a majority of those can be found in Utah and Idaho.  I would check local free classified listings, check health food store bulletins and even search Google locally.  Sometimes a foot zone therapist will work with a chiropractor or with massage therapists.  If you are in Utah county or the southern part of Salt Lake County I can be of help to you.  See my Foot Zone Therapy page for details.