Sep 12, 2011

Sprouted Grain Tortilla's

There is a food movement, where people only eat raw/ live vegetable foods.  I think eating raw foods is very beneficial to our diet because of the phytonutrients and enzymes that you cannot get from cooked food, however,  most people cannot eat 100% raw all the time.  I really like to try new foods and experience different cultures, so for me, eating a raw diet would make this impossible.  So, I try to incorporate as many raw foods in to my daily diet as possible.  Sprouted tortillas are not 100% raw, unless you use a dehydrator instead of a skillet to cook them.  I used a skillet but feel like the low temperature I used in combination with the short cooking time preserved many of the health benefits.  Here is my recipe:
First you have to sprout your grains. I use a hemp sprouting bag.  I sprouted about 1 cup of red wheat and 3/4 cup of brown flax seed.  Refer to this article on sprouting wheat.  You only need to sprout it for about 24 hours. when your seeds have sprouted and have a little tail on them, then you simply put them in the food processor or a meat grinder with salt to taste, I used about 3/4 tsp.  
I removed one side of the tin foil and placed the tortilla on the grill with the tinfoil side up.  Once the tortilla set a little, it was easy to peel off the other side of tinfoil.

After they are all set, put them in a plastic bag,
 or tortilla warmer to retain their moisture. 
  You only need to cook them until they set, they do not need to brown at all.  The less you cook them the more nutrients they retain.  For dinner, the night I made these,  we cooked up onion and bell peppers on the grill and seasoned them with chili powder and lemon juice.  They were like vegetarian fajitas and they were delicious!  The flavor is different than whole wheat tortillas.  They are nutty, and quite tasty.  They are grainy but since the grains are sprouted, they are soft and more chewy than gritty like whole wheat flour. Enjoy!