Mar 10, 2010

Vitamin B12: Big Energy For Those Little Cells.

You may have seen those SUPER MEGA ENERGY B12 Packets at the store.  If not you will probably notice them now.  B12 doesn't give you instant energy.  Things that give you instant or semi instant energy are drugs, carbohydrates, sugars and caffeine.  (Caffeine is a drug and sugar is a carbohydrate)  B12 gives you energy on a cellular level so to speak.  B12 is necessary in the formation of red blood cells and also neurological function. So until your body has absorbed it and sent it to work in your cells you will not notice any change in energy.  If you have a deficiency you will have low counts of abnormally large red blood cells, fatigue, nerve damage, numbness and tingling of the fingers, toes, cognitive changes, a sore tongue and loss of appetite.

Even if you have none of the above symptoms you can take a B12 supplement for extra energy.  B12 will increase serotonin in the brain which may also help with your mood.  So if you have problems with depression with no other clear reasons why, this may be a good option for you.

You can get mega doses of B12 in shots, or you can take capsules or sub-lingual tabs.  The capsules aren't really the best option because the B12 can be destroyed in the stomach acid.  Sub-lingual tabs go under the tongue and absorbed by the blood vessels in the mouth.  They are a much better option then capsules.  There are also sub-lingual drops.  The shots are mostly for people with severe deficiencies.  There are doctors that will give them to you just for energy, but some people experience nausea, headaches and joint pain after wards.
I think most people with low energy will have to change a lot more about their life style then just adding a supplement.  It is a whole picture.  I wish I could write a whole picture that would work for everyone but everyone is different and will have to find their own way. I hope HLC will help at least a few people in their search for better health.


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