Sep 12, 2012

HIIT training, work out less, burn more fat

This High Intensity Interval Training workout should burn as many calories as a 60 minute cardio session. The initial workout burns less calories, but your body continues burning calories throughout the day, for up to 48 hours at an increased rate, to replenish your cells oxygen levels.  WIN!
As a warning, you need to be somewhat in shape for this type of exercise. You will be sweating and your heart rate will be at its max most of the time, so make sure you are in good health, or consult a doctor if necessary.

The main advantage of this kind of exercise routine is that instead of burning muscle tissue, like is possible for a slow long cardio workout, your body burns fat stores.  This happens after the workout, so even though you are done working out, you are still burning fat.  To further increase the fat burn of this exercise, do it in the morning first thing before breakfast.  Once you eat breakfast your cells will consume the carbohydrates you ate instead of continuing to use the fat stores it was using throughout the night.

If you are not fit enough for this kind of routine, I suggest walking hills or jumping rope alternating legs, or some sort of cardio workout to increase the strength of your cardiovascular system endurance.  Most importantly do lots of weight lifting and calisthenics like lunges and squats. (women, push yourself, you will not bulk up. I lift 15 lbs when doing bicep curls and I look no where near bulky).  Make sure you have good form!

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