Nov 28, 2012

Have you tried this healthy, delicious, sugar free drink?

Have you tried this? Crystal Light Pure.  It's not your average Crystal Light which is usually made with Aspartame.  These are made with Stevia, which is an all natural herb not a man made and known cancer causer.  

They taste great and are in a box of individual servings so you can just throw one in a water bottle or glass of water and are good to go where ever you are. Imagine being at a restaurant and pulling one of these out of your purse and mixing it into your water.  Now you don't have to drink plain water, gross diet soda or sugary, regular soda or juice.
My favorite flavor is the Tropical blend.  I have never seen the mixed berry at the store before, so I don't know what that tastes like.  My least favorite is the kiwi strawberry.  It's just kinda bland and unexciting to me.  

You can also get the brand, True Lemon, which is cheaper but is only in citrus flavors and harder to find. In my local stores I find them mixed in with the regular Crystal Light and other juice mixers.   Walmart now has several flavors in their Great Value brand but they are not as good in the quality of the flavors in my opinion.  Skinny Girl has a few flavors that are my favorite and these come in squirt bottles instead of powder. We like to use them with our Soda Stream for great homemade diet soda, without the aspartame or splenda.

Either way, they are all a great way to get in enough water in your diet as well as a little sweet treat. Minus the diabetes or cancer...

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