Jan 3, 2010

Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV

LOVE THE STUFF! It is an amazing, natural product that fulfills a lot of needs. First of all, I am not talking about the cheap stuff you buy at any store. I am talking about the raw, unfiltered type that still maintains the "mother" of the vinegar, all the good old natural parts that have not been filtered out through processing or heating. My favorite brand is called Bragg. You can find it in many health food stores and even some typical grocery type stores carry it, you just have to look around. It is more pricey than some cheap brand but hey, you get what you pay for and it is like the difference between buying yourself a dollar store doll or a real name brand Barbie...I pick the Barbie LOL. So, what is it good for? I will share what I have used it for with great results...but there is also loads and loads of uses listed online you can look into as well.

First, a beauty tip using Bragg ACV. Now, this one is tough but the benefits are SO worth it. I started drinking 1 Tablespoon of Bragg ACV every morning. It has been a health product for many years for many reasons so I thought I would try it. Here is what I discovered after only 3 days on it. For myself personally, my skin was AMAZING and I mean it. No joke, it was SO clear and SO bright and just looked a lot younger. After some research I found it contains some anti-aging properties and boy does it! Next, I noticed I had NO MORE heartburn which is a constant problem for me. I took it every morning and NO heartburn throughout the day...at all. It is also supposed to be good for heartburn and boy was it truly! It is not the best tasting stuff and it really has a kick. I mixed it with a little apple juice every morning and just drank it down as fast as I could. It is what a really strong apple ale might taste like in my personal opinion and pretty nasty...but it was only two or three swallows worth and I found the benefits worth it. I also have found 1 tsp of honey mixed with 1 tsp of Bragg ACV warmed and swallowed is really quite a good cough suppressant.

The next thing I like using the ACV for is cleaning. It works great as a cleaner on counters and floors and in your bathroom. Just use it straight, no diluting, in a spray bottle and let it evaporate back into the air after you are done cleaning with it.

Last but surely not least, I use it on my horses hooves. It is a great antifungal and kills the thrush in the hoof very well when an infection is present. With all of that said, I would recommend giving it a try! Read up on its uses and maybe you will find something it does for you that really works! I love the stuff and always have some on hand.



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