Jan 5, 2010


When I was about 24 I developed a severe case of vertigo and let me tell you, it was awful. One of the worst things I have ever dealt with. If you have ever suffered with a severe or mild case, you know what I am talking about. I was dizzy all the time, REAL dizziness and it was worse when I would lie down, so that didn't help. My ears rang constantly and felt more plugged than I have ever experienced. I walked leaning sideways...usually to the left which caused me to run into walls and doors frequently. I couldn't drive, I couldn't even stand to be in a moving car. It went on for weeks and weeks. I saw a doctor about it but he didn't think I had vertigo because I told him I was having a hard time grasping pencils and doorknobs. I knew he was wrong...go spin around and around then try to use your motor skills and tell me it isn't a little more than difficult...PLUS I had EVERY vertigo symptom in the book. Since then I have mild spouts of vertigo every now and then. Here is an exercise I do that really helps. It also helped to finally break up the vertigo I was having then too. I would suggest you try it even if you are unsure if you are having vertigo or dizziness from something else, like an inner ear infection etc. You will want somebody to help you that can watch a clock for you and tell you when it is time to "roll". Lie on your back, flat on the floor with your face pointing up towards the ceiling. Have your helper time you in this position for one FULL minute. When the minute is up, have your helper let you know by saying something like, "roll" "ok" "over" or whatever you choose. Now, turn your HEAD ONLY to the right but keep your body laying flat on its back. Hold your head in this position for one FULL minute again. When your helper says "ok" roll your face flat onto the floor and your body onto its belly. If you do not like your face in your floor, use a blanket. Again, hold here for one minute. When this minute is done, turn your HEAD ONLY to the RIGHT again, but leave your body on its belly. When this minute is through, roll your body back onto its back with your face facing upwards once again. Repeat this WHOLE pattern for THREE full body rolls. Holding a minute each. Each body roll will amount to 4 minutes, so 12 minutes total. Once you have completed this, do the EXACT same thing again but this time you will roll your head and your body to the LEFT. The entire exercise takes over 20 minutes. This will help the little inner ear bones to align better helping to or completely relieve the dizziness. It helps me every time. Good luck!


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