Sep 18, 2014

6 Minute Hard Boiled Egg

I love a good fried egg but they can be tricky to get them just right. I do not like any part of my whites brown or chewy, and I don't like it runny either, but I prefer my yolks slightly runny, but not watery and never hard. If you agree with me, then what you are looking for is not a fried egg, but a six minute boiled egg.  
 Start a pot of boiling water with about 1 teaspoon of salt. Once it begins to rapidly boil, carefully place the eggs in the pot.  Immediately set your timer for 6 minutes and walk away.  As soon as the timer goes off, place your pot under cold running water and allow it to overflow into the sink until the water is all cool.
 Then you can break and peel your eggs. If you did it just right it will peel easily and will not break the whites.
 When you cut into your egg it will be creamy and just right.
 Not too runny or too hard. All of the whites will be cooked firm but not rubbery.
 MM, delicious! Put it on top of toast, or a biscuit and enjoy!

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